Comfort U Total Body Support Bed Pillow

A Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow is the key to a restful night's sleep. The full body pillow supports your entire body from head to toe. It provides an additional cushion on hard mattresses and offers back support, knee support and torso support. In essence, it creates a nest around you that holds you in place while you sleep and feels utterly fantastic.

Comfort U Body Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Design of the Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow

The Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow is shaped like the letter U. While one extension of the pillow nestles against your back, the other portion allows you to tuck it between your knees for correct spine alignment when you sleep on your side.

It's adjustable and allows you to bend and mold it to fit your body anyway you wish. Curl it around your back and neck for comfort reading or watching TV in bed. Position it to provide support for your protruding stomach in the latter stages of pregnancy.

The Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow comes with a specially designed pillowcase. Just pull the pillowcase onto your bed pillow and then take it off for machine washing. Keep your bedroom pillow protected with the customized pillowcase.

Machine Washing Your Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow

You can machine wash your Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow. The pillow is most likely too large for your washing machine and dryer at home, but a trip to the local laundromat is recommended.

Additional Features of the Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow

The Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillow comes with a pillowcase and the bed pillow. However, there are additional items that might appeal to you.

A lavender scented pillowcase helps soothe you on stressful nights. Many people find the fragrant scent helps them sleep longer. The aromatherapy pillowcase is washable and retains its scent for dozens of washings.

Another optional purchase for this bed pillow is the Comfort U Moist Heat Pack. The heat pack is microwaveable and fits inside the Comfort U Ergonomic Body Pillowcase.


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