Euro Down Pillows - European Goose Down Square Pillow

Restless sleepers find Euro down pillows provide adequate head support in all sleeping positions. If you are the type that flips around a lot while you sleep, a down bed pillow is the perfect solution.

Down Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Euro down pillow options create plush pillows filled with the soft down of European waterfowl like Hungarian geese. Unless you have an allergy to feathers, most people find down bedding pillows to be extremely comfortable throughout the night.

Euro Down Pillows Mold to Your Head and Neck

Most Euro down pillows are thick and fluffy. However, the down feathers in the bedroom pillow mold to your head and neck providing great support. As you shift, air flow through the cotton cover allows feathers plump back up and remold to your new position.

You Can Wash Some Down Bed Pillows

Down is machine washable. You can toss your Euro down pillow into a delicate cycle on your machine, run it through the dryer and your pillow will smell fresh and clean. This is a huge benefit as many foam pillows can never be washed and build up odors over time.

Anti-Allergen Protection and Superior Warranties

Many companies who manufacture Euro down pillows cover them in hypo-allergenic casings that keep feathers from leaking out. The hypo-allergenic casings resist allergens, including dust mites, and carry long warranties.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company, a leader in Euro down pillows and comforters, warranties their down bed pillows for up to 10 years. That's very impressive compared to most bedroom pillows that have no warranty or limit it to a year at most.

Euro Down Pillows for Every Need

You'll find down bedding pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and densities. Today's Euro down pillows are available in soft, medium and firm. You can find them in standard, queen or king sizes and many companies even offer Euro down body pillows for full body comfort if you sleep on your side.

During pregnancy, the additional weight gain has many women cringing in pain. Companies like the Pacific Coast Feather Company even sell Euro down pillows designed to help eliminate the hip and back pain that pregnant women go through.

Once you've tried a Euro down pillow, you'll be hooked. You'll sleep better and enjoy lounging in bed curled up with your new pillow at every opportunity.

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