European Pillows - Euro Pillow and Insert

Unlike American pillows, European pillows are small and square. They take up less space on a bed and support your head and neck without leaving excess on the sides that your face rarely touches. Those who find themselves sleeping on the edge of their bed pillow will love the square pillows.

European Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

When sleeping in the center of a soft pillow, some people find the pillow ends up blocking access to the air around them. When they lay down, the pillow center collapses under the weight of their head, but the sides puff up. Side sleepers find their noses covered by the pillow's bulk and end up having to sleep on the edge of the pillow. With a square European pillow, that problem is solved.

European Pillows Provide a Decorative Touch

Covered in a complementary pillow sham, a square European bed pillow adds to your bedroom décor. You can sleep on them or use them to prop your back up while you read or watch television in bed. If you choose not to sleep on the, simply move them to the floor while you sleep and then arrange them on your bed in the morning when you make it. The pillows add to your bedroom design.

Sleeping on a European Pillow

If you plan to sleep on your European pillow, you have three general options for fillings. Goose down is incredibly comfortable and offers support while air flows readily preventing your head from feeling hot and sweaty. Some people are allergic to goose down. If that's the case, hypoallergenic synthetic goose down is a great option.

Synthetic goose down is made from loose particles of fiberfill that mimics goose down. The feel is the same, but allergies are eliminated.

Polyester fiberfill is the other option. These bed pillows are inexpensive, but over time polyester fiberfill flattens out and fails to offer enough support to keep your neck properly aligned to your spine.

When shopping for a European pillow, look to the firmness. Pillows range from extra soft to extra firm, so you will find it easy to pick a pillow that best suits your preferences.

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