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Face Down pillows provide comfort and support to anyone who must sleep on their stomach. While sleeping on the stomach is a favorite sleeping position for thousands, the position is not good for your spine. Most wake up with back and neck pain.

Face Down Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

A face down pillow enables a person to sleep comfortably on their stomach while the pillow provides the neck and spine support that is so crucial. You'll wake up completely refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

How the Face Down Pillow Works

A face down pillow is angled to provide ergonomic support to your upper and lower spine. Most stomach sleepers have to twist their head to the side while they sleep causing neck discomfort. You can't lay face down into the pillow, however, because you'd suffocate.

An open U-shaped slot at the top of the bed pillow ends this problem. The top of the bed pillow supports the sides of your head, but holds your face parallel to the mattress keeping your neck straight while allowing you to breathe.

Face down pillows have two sides. One side is designed to mold to a woman's body. It has depressions for breasts and offers better hip support. The other side is designed to mold to a man's body.

Similar Design to a Massage Table

If you've seen a massage table, the end has a U-shaped pillow that holds your face elevated. The face down bed pillow follows the same design. The difference is the pillow is longer to provide support to your spine and features polyurethane foam stuffing for comfort.

To save money, some massage therapists use face down pillows in place of the massage table. It allows them to provide people unable to climb onto tables with relaxing massages.

Features of the Face Down Pillow

The face down pillow comes with a specially designed bedding pillow cover. While the pillow is not machine washable due to its shape and size, the pillow cover is.

Most face down pillows are close to 30 inches long, 14 inches wide and provide a decent thickness of 6 inches.

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