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Foam rubber pillows provide support that outlasts traditional bed pillows. While polyester fiberfill flattens over time, foam rubber pillows keep their shape for much longer.

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In addition, many foam rubber pillows offer incredible resistance to allergens like bacteria, dust mites and mold spores. Those prone to allergies will enjoy the long-lasting hypoallergenic qualities of a foam rubber pillow.

Dream Solutions Rubber Foam Pillows

Sears sells the Dream Solutions rubber foam pillows. Filled with particles of latex rubber foam, the pillows withstand plenty of use without losing their shape or fullness. The bed pillows are covered in a 300-thread-count sateen cover that is machine washable.

Dream Solutions rubber foam pillows come in three sizes: standard, queen or king. They repeal dust mites, mold spores and other allergens.

Simmons Beautyrest Latex Foam Bed Pillows

Simmons makes a line of latex foam pillows. The zippered cover is machine washable and includes a pin hole design that allows air to circulate while you use it. While traditional pillows tend to heat your head up because air becomes trapped, the foam rubber pillow's covering increases air flow throughout the night. It's a great choice for those who suffer from hot flashes or night sweats.

Simmons late rubber foam pillows are covered in 250-thread-count cotton covers. The bed pillows come in three sizes: standard, queen or king. The pillows feel springy and do not lose their fluffiness even after months of use, making it a great bed pillow for those who are tired of buying new pillows every year.

Twice Fluffed Dream Pillow

Filled with Talalay latex rubber foam, pillows by Twice Fluffed are springy and comforting. The bedding pillow's cover allows air to flow in and out of the pillow keeping you cool throughout the night. An organic cotton cover is removable and machine washable for quick cleaning.

Bed pillows come in standard, queen and king sizes and multiple firmness levels including soft, medium and firm. The Talalay latex rubber foam pillows suppress bacteria, dust mites and mold spores. Those with allergies will love these bed pillows.

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