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Once sold in Brookstone, FOM pillows are soft, squishy and provide outstanding neck support. FOM pillows are covered in a velvety material. However, they are getting harder to find. Brookstone drastically reduced prices of their collection of FOM pillows in 2006 and stopped carrying them shortly after. In 2008, the NAP pillow line replaced any remaining FOM bed pillows.

You can still find FOM pillows online, but you must be willing to shop around. Ebay is a great place to start your search.

Construction of a FOM Pillow

FOM pillows come in a number of forms. The tube shaped pillows are perfect for supporting the neck. They came in a variety of colors and often came in packages of three, so that you had others to share with the family.

Flat, bed pillows provide comfort and a cooling sensation because the filling keeps air circulating through the night. The FOM Natural Talalay Latex bed pillow used latex beads to create a pillow that never needed fluffing. The Talalay latex came from rubber trees.

Travel, U-shaped neck pillows delight frequent travelers who need the support while taking a train or flying.

All FOM pillows are stuffed with foam polystyrene beads. The cover is a mix of nylon and polyurethane that keeps air circulating through the pillow cover and the interior beads. The one downfall to the pillow is that they cannot be washed. If they develop stains, you can spot clean the cover, but the beads should never get wet. They can grow mildew.

Greatest Travel Pillow Ever

FOM pillow users raved over the bedroom pillows calling them the “greatest travel pillow ever.” The pillows were small enough to carry in a briefcase or carry on bag.

Because the pillows allow air to circulate, they keep you from getting sweaty during your sleep. A nice aspect for a professional who is catching a Red Eye and needs to look reasonably decent after stepping off the plane. Plus, the pillow keeps your neck properly supported eliminating the risk of your snoring on the flight or train ride.

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