Full Body Pillow - Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping with a full body pillow helps keep your neck, hips and spine aligned to prevent discomfort. With a soft mattress, the weight of your hips usually pulls your spine down causing hip and back pain. If you use a full body pillow for additional support, you will get a better night's sleep and wake fresh and ready to tackle the day.

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What Causes Your Aches and Pains While Sleeping

Many of your aches and pains develop due to your sleeping position. If you sleep on your stomach, chances are high that your bed pillows keep your neck higher than the rest of your body causing neck and upper spine pain.

Sleeping on your side causes knee and hip pain, especially if the knees are pushed together. Inevitably, the upper leg will have to turn sideways towards the mattress due to the gravitational pull. This causes hip and lower back pain from the misalignment of the spine.

If you sleep on your back, your legs will sink lower than your hips causing lower back pain.

In each case, a full body pillow can help alleviate the pain and pressure that keeps you awake or requires you to frequently shift positions to stay comfortable. Those who sleep on their sides find full body pillows ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

How a Full Body Pillow Helps

Full body pillows help those sleeping on their sides best. By tucking a portion of the bed pillow between the knees and then hugging it to your stomach, the hips and legs are properly aligned to prevent strain on the lower portion of the spine.

For back and stomach sleepers, a full body pillow may not be as helpful. However, research finds that sleeping on your side is the best option for spine health and to prevent snoring and blockage of airways that occurs in front and back sleeping positions.

Given that, a full body pillow helps turn back and stomach sleepers into happy side sleepers. Use the pillow to create a new sleeping position that keeps your spine properly aligned and helps reduce or eliminate snoring.


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