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Goose down feather pillows cost more, but their softness is worthwhile. Learn what goes into making a down bed pillow so that you understand why their cost is higher.

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While down bedroom pillows are more expensive, they are also one of the best pillows for neck and head support. The small down feathers of a duck or goose meet with air to provide lift to a pillow. As you settle in, the feathers of the pillow adapt to your neck and head to provide support. When you move, air fills the gaps between feathers, lifting them back up and then they mold to your new position.

Plucking the Down Used in Bed Pillows

The first step to creating a goose down feather pillow involves plucking the down from geese or ducks. There are two methods, one considered inhumane and the other a part of life.

Most hand harvesting down is inhumane. With this process, people grab live ducks or geese and pull their feathers out until the birds are bald and often bleeding. The birds are then put back in their pens without the protection of their feathers and down. The down is then sold to bedding manufacturers or turned into goose down feather pillows.

The better method, while some feel this is just as inhumane, takes place in poultry plants. Ducks and geese are slaughtered and their feathers stripped off by machine. The bird is then frozen and packaged for grocery stores. The birds' organs are sold to pet food manufacturers. The down and feathers are turned into bedroom pillows or bedding. With this method, the entire bird is used for a product and the bird is killed as humanely as possible before being processed as food.

There are small scale operations that remove the molting feathers from under the wings of ducks and geese as they age. Most waterfowl molt their feathers every six weeks. Some believe this is a humane method, but because only a small number of feathers, usually about an ounce per bird, are harvested every six weeks. The price of this down is expensive and it takes a long time before there is enough down to make a goose down feather pillow.

Creating a Goose Down Feather Pillow Cover

Once the down is collected, a goose down feather pillow cover is sewn. The bedding pillow cover must be made from a material that will trap the pillows inside. Once the pillowcase is ready it is stuffed with the correct portion of down and the open seam is sewn shut.

The firmness of the bed pillow dictates how much down is used. After the seam is stitched, the pillow is ready for use.

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