Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow

Sleep comfortably on your stomach with the Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow. People who sleep on their stomach increase pressure on their neck, shoulders and lumbar region. Experts say that if you must sleep on your stomach, it is critical to add support to your hips and neck. Sticking a bed pillow under your hips, the top recommendation, is uncomfortable. The Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow supports your spine in a comfortable manner.

Face Down Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Ergonomic bed pillows offer spine support to prevent your waking in the night with back, neck and shoulder strain. Experts say most adults require at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Few people actually make it through the night without waking once or twice to change position.

Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow Features

Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillows provide a sloped design that starts at your hips, stabilizing the spine and then travel to the head. The top of the pillow features a U-shaped hollow area where you position your head so that you are staring down at your mattress. The hollow area ensures your neck is straight, but provides enough room between the mattress and your pillow that you easily breathe.

One side of the Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow is designed specifically for women. It has indentations for breasts and supports a woman's wider hips. The second side is for men and is flatter and suits their less curvy form.

The pillow measures 29”L by 14”W by 6.5”H. It suits most people of average stature. If you are very tall, you should view the bed pillow before purchasing to make sure it would fit your torso.

Washing Your Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow

The Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow is filled with polyurethane. It's dense enough to provide exceptional spine support, but offers enough give to remain comfortable throughout the night.

While the bedroom pillow is not washable, it includes a machine washable, removable cover. You simply take the cover off, throw it in the wash, dry it and you're good to go.

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