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Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillows alleviate neck pain and headaches. Looking for a comfortable, supportive pillow? The Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillows answer your needs. The three- or four-channel bed pillows provide exceptional support to ward off neck and shoulder pain.

HoMedics Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

The problem with traditional bedroom pillows is that while they are comfortable, many people have to fold them to get the right amount of neck support. During the night, the pillow shifts and you wake up with a stiff neck. Polyester fiberfill pillows also have a nasty habit of losing their shape within months of your purchase.

If you think you're saving money by purchasing $5 to $10 bargain pillows, think again. Most bargain fiberfill pillows need replacing every few months. Few offer lasting comfort after a year. With a long lasting Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillow, you can use the same pillow for years. You may spend more up front, but you'll save money in the long run.

What Makes Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillows So Comfortable

Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillows retain their shape months and years after purchase. Filled with micropedic beads, the beads never lose their shape and don't need to be fluffed regularly.

Three or four channels are filled with the breathable micropedic beads. Because there are individual chambers, the beads remain in place, never rushing to one side of the pillow leaving your neck improperly aligned. Air flows readily around the beads preventing overheating.

Caring for Your Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillow

Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillows come with a zippered, machine washable cover. While you cannot toss this bed pillow into the washing machine, you can remove and wash the protective outer cover. If the actual pillow needs a quick cleaning, spot cleaning is recommended.

Recommended by Tony Little

Body builder and celebrity Tony Little endorses the Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillow line. In fact, the pillows are sold with an impressive satisfaction guarantee that refunds your purchase price if you are not completely happy.

Years ago, Tony Little was in a horrific car accident resulting in numerous broken bones, lacerations and cracked vertebra. While he recovered, he still needs proper neck and spine support to achieve a great night's sleep. With the Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillows, sleep comes easily and you wake refreshed.

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