Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillow

Stay cool and fresh all night long with a Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillow. A hot bed pillow makes for a horrible night's sleep. You wake up feeling sweaty. Your hair clings to the moisture on your neck. Soon, you're struggling to fall asleep because you simply cannot adjust your body temperature because of your bedroom pillow.

HoMedics Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Homedics teamed up with fitness guru Tony Little to create a bed pillow that stays cool to the touch throughout the night. The creative design uses polystyrene microbeads to support your head and neck while allowing air to flow steadily from inside the pillow. The constant circulation keeps your pillow cool to the touch all night long.

The Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillow's Design

Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillows are stuffed with tiny microbeads that maximize air flow. The beads are enclosed in a durable polyester and spandex cover that stretches and moves as you shift at night.

Incorporating four chambers of microbeads enables the pillow to remain light and airy throughout the night. You'll never need to fluff these bed pillows. The airflow does it for you.

Each pillow is sold in a machine washable protective, zippered bedding pillowcase. The zippered bedding pillowcase is removed easily and can be thrown in with your laundry and then machine washed.

Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillow Size

Homedics offers one size of the Tony Little bedroom pillow. It's 22 inches by 15 inches. You'll find this size is similar to any pillow, so your current pillow cases will work fine.

Care for a Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillow

The microbeads inside the pillow shouldn't get wet. However, by keeping your pillow protected with a pillow case, you can wash that and the zippered case as needed. Spot cleaning of the pillow is fine.

Great for Back and Side Sleepers

The Homedics Tony Little Micropedic Therapy Pillow's neck support chamber makes it a great pillow for those who sleep on their side or back. The elongated chamber matches the curve of your neck perfectly while the top chamber cradles your head.

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