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Discover the benefits to hypoallergenic down pillows. The soft, supportive pillows are favorites among many, but some people simply cannot handle feather bed pillows. Those with allergies needn't avoid goose down pillows.

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Synthetic Down Pillow Information

Many consumers with down allergies, use synthetic down bedroom pillows. The material feels very similar to goose down, but it is made from synthetic materials. These bedroom pillows are hypoallergenic and are machine washable.

Most synthetic hypoallergenic down pillow brands come covered in an anti-microbial material. People love them because there are no feathers that attempt to poke out of seams. Synthetic down pillows are also less expensive than true goose down bed pillows and wick away moisture better.

PermaLoft is one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic down. Beyond Down is another synthetic hypoallergenic down pillow manufacturer. Beyond Down uses gel fiber to mimic the loftiness and feel of down.

Expect synthetic down pillows to be heavier than a traditional down pillow.

MediDown Pillows Feature Allergen-Free Down

Patented MediDown is true goose down, but it is meticulously cleaned to remove all traces of goose dander, dust and allergens. A patented cleaning process completely cleans the pH-balanced down and feathers.

MediDown is used in the popular WaterBase pillow. The bed pillow's central core is water and then that core is surrounded by fluffy down. It provides soothing comfort due to the cooler inner core and great neck and head support.

Hypoallergenic Qualities of the Patented Hypodown

Ogallala's Hypodown bed pillows use a blend of goose down and milkweed to create a hypoallergenic bed pillow for those sensitive to allergens. Milkweed clusters are harvested in the fall, the seed removed and then the white fluff is blended with goose down.

Milkweed fluff acts as a filter trapping allergens in the fibers. It also maximizes airflow ensuring your pillow feels cool while you are laying on it. The material has been tested by allergy experts and found the material remains hypoallergenic for ten years.

Hypodown hypoallergenic down pillows come with a 75 year guarantee. They do not lose their shape or hypoallergenic properties for decades.

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