Inflatable Back Support Pillow

An inflatable back pillow is a godsend for the busy traveler. Few have the storage for a lumbar support pillow in their briefcase or carry on bag. With an inflatable pillow, the deflated pillow tucks easily into your purse or briefcase and you can blow it up when you reach your destination.

Inflatable Back Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

The American Physical Therapy Association recommends inflatable back pillows because the air redistributes as you shift eliminating any need for the pillow foam to readjust to your new position. There are, however, things you should watch for.

Always Check the Seam Structure

Many inflatable back pillows, especially inexpensive ones, have single seams that can blow out, especially if put under a heavy strain. Look for pillows that have heavy duty sealed edges to prevent these blow outs. While pillows often come with patch kits, a seam blow out is hard to repair. Even if you get a good seal from your patch kit, the structure is already weakened. Heavy duty seals will hold up to heavier loads better.

A Longer Torso Needs a Longer Pillow

If you have a long torso, look into inflatable back pillows with more length. Pillows are rarely one size fits all, so you may need to shop around to find the best fit.

Straps Help Immensely

Inflatable back pillows that have straps to attach them to a chair are better in the long run. The straps hold the pillow in place, so if you move, the pillow will not need readjusting.

Waterproof Coverings Suit Bathtubs and Saunas

If you enjoy soothing your back pains in a warm tub, the waterproof PVC covering on many inflatable back pillows will benefit you. You can take the pillow into the bathtub to help support your back as you let the warm water soothe your aches and pains. You can also use the inflatable back pillow in a sauna as you sit against a wall.

Don't Over-inflate

Most burst seams occur from excess inflation of your inflatable back pillow. The pillow should be firm, but still have some give. Many of the inflatable back and bed pillows only require three or four breaths before they are properly inflated.

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