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Isotonic Memory foam pillows adapt to the curves of your body. The foam interior supports the curve of your neck and cushions your head so that your spine is aligned perfectly. You get a better night's sleep and awake refreshed instead of sore and grouchy.

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When you first climb into bed, there's no doubt you are comfortable and ready to sleep through the night. However, a few hours later you wake up and your back and hips are hurting. You rearrange pillows, switch positions and then wait to drift back off to sleep. If you're lucky, you sleep for the rest of the night, but more often, you wake up and need to adjust your bed pillows and body again. You wake up feeling tired and suffering from a stiff neck or lower back pain.

What is Isotonic Memory Foam

Isotonic memory foam is elastic and cradles your head and neck no matter how you position yourself. When you get up, the foam returns to its original shape. No matter how much you use it, the memory foam always bounces back to its like-new state.

In addition, an Isotonic memory foam pillow uses amazing technology that wicks away heat from your head and redistributes it to the core of the pillow. As long as your head is warm, the warmth goes to the center of the pillow ensuring you stay cool through the night. If your head temperature drops, the warmth returns from the core of the pillow to help you maintain a constant temperature.

Forms of Isotonic Memory Foam Pillows

There are three main bed pillow formats. The most common resembles a traditional bedroom pillow. The 16” by 22” by 4 1/2” Isotonic Memory Foam Pillow comes with a machine washable, zippered cover to keep the pillow clean. Because you cannot toss memory foam pillows into a washer or dryer, it's important to use this protective cover. The Isotonic Memory Foam Standard Pillow is popular with side and stomach sleepers.

The Isotonic Memory Foam Contour Pillow is curved to cradle your head while supporting the natural curve of your neck. It's a suitable choice for back sleepers because it keeps the chin from resting on the chest, a main contributor to snoring.

Isotonic also makes a side sleeper bedding pillow. This pillow is slightly curved to match the curve where your neck meets your shoulder.

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