Knee Support Pillow - Under Knee and Between Knees Piillows

A knee support pillow releases stress points on the knees and ankles. However, traditional bed pillows quickly slip out of place. Even some knee support pillows that are designed to stay in place still shift as you move around in your sleep. If you're tired of waking up with sore hips or knees because you're bedroom pillow knee wedge has moved, look into the different styles. Find the one that best matches your sleeping habits.

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There tend to be three general designs for knee support pillows.

  • Hourglass Shape
  • Tie/Velcro Straps
  • Wedge

Each bedding pillow offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to find the best match for your needs.

Hourglass Shaped Knee Support Pillows

An hourglass shaped knee support pillow is curved in the middle where you rest your thighs. The raised edges keep the pillow from slipping.

The downfall to an hourglass shaped knee support pillow is that the minute you separate your thighs, the pillow can slip. If you go to sleep on one side and flip to another in the night, you might find yourself having to reposition the pillow.

Tied or Velcro Strapped Knee Support Pillows

Knee support pillows that have Velcro straps or ties do a great job keeping the bed pillow in place, even if you move around a lot. Many people find them to be the best choice for those who regularly switch positions.

Make sure you do not tie the straps too tight. If the straps get twisted in the night, you'll end up restricting circulation to your calves and feet.

Knee Support Pillow Wedges

A knee support pillow wedge is usually used by back sleepers to keep the weight of their legs and thighs from pulling their pelvis and lumbar region out of proper alignment. Those who lay completely flat often wake up with aches and pains in the lumbar area and buttocks because their spine isn't straight while they sleep.

If a knee support pillow wedge is too long, it can interfere with your partner's sleep. If you start sleeping on your back and shift to your side, or vice versa, you may find the pillow becomes an annoyance, so you stop using it.

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