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A knee pillow wedge benefits stomach sleepers. Laying flat on your back stresses the hips and lumbar region. By keeping your knees elevated through the night, you reduce that stress and improve circulation to many areas of your body.

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To use a knee wedge pillow, you place the pillow on the mattress under your sheets and comforter. You may need to readjust the position once you've laid down. Place your knees over the bed pillow wedge and rest your knees on top of it. The foam bedroom pillow wedge holds your knees up at a comfortable angle taking pressure off your pelvis and lumbar region.

What to Look for in a Knee Pillow Wedge

The foam inside a knee pillow wedge is not machine washable. Make sure the wedge bed pillow comes with a washable cover, machine washable is usually easiest. Otherwise, spot cleaning is the only way to clean the bedroom pillow's surface.

Find the width of the knee pillow wedge and make sure it will not interfere with your partner's sleep. A knee pillow wedge that is wider than your half of the mattress may well become an annoyance to the other person in the bed.

Most knee pillow wedges offer a 45 degree incline. This is usually enough to give you the best spine and pelvic alignment.

Temperature sensitive foam is beneficial. Pressed against foam, the back of your knees can get sweaty. Many people wake up and find it difficult to get right back to sleep. It's especially common on humid, summer nights. By choosing foam that wicks away heat, you can avoid this problem.

Helps People After Surgery

Anyone who has had surgery to their abdomen, chest or face must sleep on their back. Those who are used to sleeping on their side or stomach often struggle to get comfortable. With a knee pillow wedge, you sleep comfortably while reducing the risk of pulling or pushing the healing incisions.

You'll find it easier to sleep through the night and a good night's sleep is key to the healing process. You'll heal faster and be ready to get back to your usual sleeping position in less time.

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