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Discover the advantages to a natural latex foam bed pillow. Latex is a rubber material that is typical created synthetically or from the sap of Rubber Trees

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Synthetic latex is packed with chemicals and often has a strong chemical odor. Natural latex foam is made from Rubber Tree sap, making it a healthier, more organic pillow option.

Health Benefits to Natural Latex Foam Bed Pillows

Because natural latex foam bed pillows are created from tree sap, you don't need to worry about carcinogens that are emitted by some synthetic bed pillows. Carcinogens are linked to cancer.

Natural latex repels common allergens like mold, mildew and even dust mites. Those who need pillows that are truly hypoallergenic will benefit from these organic bedroom pillows.

Many bed pillows fail to support your neck or spine while you sleep. While a new fiberfill pillow may offer exceptional support at first, over time the filling breaks down and flattens causing a lack of support. Natural latex foam bed pillows do not lose their shape. They'll provide the same level of comfort and support even years later. You sleep with your spine properly aligned preventing soreness in the neck and back.

Natural latex foam bed pillows allow air to flow from the pillow's interior keeping your head cool throughout the night. Because air flows, you'll avoid waking up with a sweaty head. This is helpful to women who are dealing with hot flashes.

Talalay Latex Bed Pillows vs. Dunlop Latex Bed Pillows

There are two methods used when creating natural latex bed pillows and mattresses. The Dunlop method involves whipping air into the latex liquid, pouring the latex into a mold and then heating it to force it to set. The Talalay method follows the same basic procedure, but once the liquid is in the mold, it is pressurized using a vacuum system.

Many manufacturers of Talalay latex bed pillows use vanillin, a petroleum, in their mixtures. Research finds that this petroleum can be harmful. Check the bed pillow manufacturer to see if vanillin is used.

Look at the Bed Pillow Type

Shredded natural latex foam bed pillows are growing in popularity. Once the natural latex sets in the mold, the foam is then shredded into popcorn like pieces. The foam is soft and supportive, but feels as soft as a down pillow.

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