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A leg memory foam pillow separates your knees and alleviates pressure points between the knees and the ankles. In addition to these troublesome pressure points, sleeping with your knees together pulls the hip joint downwards creating sore hips and a sore lumbar region.

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Pregnant women especially feel the pain in their hips. As they reach the latter weeks of their pregnancy and post-delivery, pelvic bones shift. Hip pain is far more common in this stage. In addition, back and side sleeping positions are the only ones that work for a woman once her belly begins to bulge. Sleeping becomes problematic.

By placing a leg memory foam pillow between the legs, pressure between the knees and ankles ends. The thigh bones lay straight in the hip socket eliminating tension. Plus, the proper alignment of the hips reduces the strain on the lower back.

What is Memory Foam

Memory foam is a polyurethane-based foam that is elastic. It came to light in the 1960s when NASA introduced it to add cushioning in their aircraft. It became commercially available in the 1990s with the first Tempur-Pedic mattress.

When faced with pressure, the memory foam curves to the items around it making it a great choice in mattresses and bed pillows. Because it is softer near the body, circulation flows better. Many hospitals added it to hospital beds to help recovering patients avoid bed sores.

Some memory foam is temperature sensitive. Areas where the memory foam is receiving heat from your body softens up allowing more air to flow making for softer cushioning. The cooler areas of memory foam are harder providing better support.

Benefits to a Leg Memory Foam Pillow

Leg memory foam pillows use the technology behind the foam to create a soft surface that provides support while still allowing blood to circulate past the thighs to the calves and feet. Because blood flow remains unchanged, the bed pillows help those who sleep on their sides or back maintain proper spine positioning without waking up with sore knees, ankles or feet that have pins and needles.

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