Memory Foam Leg Wedge Pillow

If you like sleeping on your back, a leg wedge pillow is a must. Those who frequently suffer from swollen ankles benefit greatly. The sloped pillow supports your knees and elevates your feet to aid with circulation.

Leg Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Leg wedge pillows have an upward slope for your thighs. At the top of the crest, the pillow supports your needs and then extends farther to support the calves and feet. Look for a bed pillow that includes a machine washable cover. Most foam bed pillow wedges are spot clean only and having a washable cover makes clean up easy.

Who Benefits from Leg Wedge Pillows

Pregnant women have little choice in sleeping positions. They can lay flat on their back, not really good for the baby because of the umbilical cord, or on their side. If they do choose to sleep on their back, keeping the legs elevated to prevent swollen ankles is important. In addition, by keeping the feet and calves elevated and the knees and thighs supported, the lower back and pelvic area is relieved of some pressure and muscle strain.

In fact, anyone who suffers from swollen ankles, including those with high blood pressure or gout, will find that a leg wedge pillow is a godsend. These customized bed pillows help restore proper circulation keeping blood flowing to the feet.

People who suffer from varicose veins will also find that a comfortable leg wedge pillow helps. Varicose veins occur when the blood pools in a vein. By keeping the blood flowing properly, you can eliminate this problem.

Back sleepers often find their lower back and hips hurt, especially if their mattress needs replacing or is too soft. Laying flat puts tremendous pressure on the hip joints and lower back because of the weight of the thighs pulling the pelvis into the mattress. If you use a leg wedge pillow to keep your hips and back aligned properly, this problem is eliminated.

Memory Foam is Best

Memory foam leg wedge pillows receive high praise from those who use the bedding pillows. The foam is supportive, but not constricting. Blood flows at an optimum rate and most memory foam manufacturers use the temperature restricted foam that helps keep you from overheating in the middle of the night.

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