Between Legs Pillow Helps Sleeping

Between Legs pillows alleviate the tension of your hip joint, knees and ankles. Side sleepers put a tremendous strain on their knees and hips while they sleep. Your legs press together meeting at the knees. The top leg must slope towards the mattress putting strain on your hips. The pressure at the knees reduces circulation to the calves, ankles and feet.

Leg Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

To alleviate this tension, a bedroom pillow contoured to stabilize the position of the legs is necessary. Between legs pillows, also called Leg Wedges, ensure your spine, hips and legs are ergonomically positioned for the utmost in comfort.

Keys to the Perfect Between Legs Pillow

When shopping for Between Legs pillows, keep a number of things in mind. You'll want a pillow that incorporates foam, possibly memory foam, that will not compress over time. You need the bed pillow to keep your knees and upper legs parallel to your pelvis. If a pillow's inner material breaks down and collapses, you'll quickly lose the support.

Between Legs pillows are usually not washable. Make sure the bedding pillow has a machine washable cover.

The bed pillow should fit snug between the thighs. Make sure it has a back ridge that keeps the pillow from slipping out from between your legs as you sleep.

Top Brands of Between Legs Pillows

Contour Foam Memory Leg Pillow uses memory foam for durability and comfort. The between legs pillow comes in a choice of colors and is sold in many retailers and online stores. It uses an hourglass shape to keep it between your legs as you sleep.

Deluxe Comfort's Super Soft Leg Spacer is designed for pregnant women. It's ergonomic design lifts the legs high so that they are properly aligned with the pelvis and is soft so that circulation to the ankles is not reduced.

The Leg Wedge Pillow comes with a zippered terry cover that is hand washable. The cover protects the hypoallergenic memory foam pillow that has an hourglass shape to keep it from slipping from between your legs.

Homedics OrthoTherapy Leg Spacer Support Pillow comes with a machine washable velour cover that protects the temperature sensitive foam. It also doubles as a supportive pillow for your neck when you're lying on your back.

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