Lower Back Lumbar Support Pillow - Pillows for Back Pain

A lower back pillow relieves pain in the lumbar region. This area of the lower back is most susceptible to pain and discomfort due to incorrect posture while you work.

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Your back is designed to remain in one position for about 20 minutes before needing you to readjust your spine. Pressure on the shoulders, spine, lower back and hips causes the back pain that many encounter.

If you work in a busy office, you know it's hard to find time to get up and walk around every half hour. Many times, you force yourself to sit still and get your work done. The problem is that your discomfort distracts you causing a reduction in productivity. With a lower back pillow, you provide your lower spine with additional support and force yourself to sit properly.

What Lower Back Pillows Accomplish

Lower back pillows, also called lumbar pillows, fill the gap above the hips where your spine curves slightly. Without proper support, slouching posture puts pressure and strain on that region leading to lower back pain. By filling the gap, you are forced to sit straight, positioning your spine in the correct alignment to prevent upper and lower back pain.

Purchasing a Lumbar Pillow

When shopping for a lumbar pillow, look for a model that best matches your form. Those with longer torsos benefit from a longer lower back pillow. If you have longer legs and a smaller torso, a smaller lumbar bed pillow will suffice.

Some lumbar pillows offer battery powered massages. This feature is beneficial if you already have lower back pain, sit for long hours or have a stressful job.

Lower back pillows with built in heat also help alleviate stress and back pain. In addition, if you have a drafty office, having the warmth against your back will help you focus on work and not the cold air outside.

Lower back pillows containing memory foam will mold to your body better than one filled with polyester fill. In addition, memory foam holds its shape for a longer period of time. Consider the price of both lumbar pillows and the longevity before making a final decision.

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