Lumbar Support Lower Back Pillow

A lumbar support back pillow helps alleviate lower back pain. By supporting the lower spine, pressure is taken off the lower back and hips allowing you to focus on your work or other task. Plus, a lumber support back pillow trains you to sit properly. Better posture helps with heartburn, shoulder, neck and back pain and can even reduce headaches.

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Your Lumbar Region

The lumbar area of your spine is located between your hips and sternum. That section of your spine handles the bulk of your upper body weight and is the portion of the back that makes your back flexible.

Because the lumbar region is used when you lift, bend, twist to the side or stretch, it is the area of the back most afflicted by injury. Muscle strain to the lumbar region generally requires bed rest to heal, so it's important to prevent injury by keeping your spine properly aligned with lumbar support back pillows or suitable bed pillows while sitting, standing or sleeping.

How a Lumbar Back Support Pillow Helps

Lumbar back support bed pillows are curved to fit the small of your back. The curve molds itself to match the lumbar region of your spine.

Most people use their lumbar back support pillow at work or home on their office chair. You can also use them on your sofa, in bed or at the dining room. The bedding pillows usually contain straps to hold them in place on your chair, but if you prefer just place the pillow against the small of your back, sit back and the positioning helps reduce tension on your lower spine.

Lumbar back support pillows might offer heat or massage function to help reduce back strain that is already occurring. Some come in longer lengths to help those with long torsos gain the support they need.

If you drive frequently, a lumbar back support pillow that fits your car seat should help prevent back pain. Truckers often drive full days and need the relief. These back pillows usually have a plug that fits into a vehicle's cigarette lighter to provide heat and back massage.

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