Makura Buckwheat Hull Pillow - Miracle Pillows

Known as the Miracle Pillow, Makura Buckwheat Pillows alleviate back and head pain and stop allergy related headaches. The buckwheat bed pillows are stuffed with high grade buckwheat hulls to provide incredible support while reducing dust mites and allergens.

Makura Buckwheat Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Makura Buckwheat Pillows came onto the market in 1984. Asians had been using buckwheat bed pillows for many centuries because of the availability of buckwheat hulls and the health benefits they provide. The all natural bedroom pillows allow air to circulate and conform to your curves giving you the utmost in spine support.

Construction of a Makura Buckwheat Pillow

Makura Buckwheat pillows include a zippered case that is filled with buckwheat hulls. This case is machine washable, but the buckwheat hulls are not. The pillow is then slipped into a second pillowcase that protects you from the zipper as you sleep.

Buckwheat hulls are hypo-allergenic and resist insect pests. Despite what some may think, buckwheat is actually related to rhubarb and not wheat. Therefore, those with wheat allergies will have no problems using the pillow.

Caring for Your Makura Buckwheat Pillow

The Makura Buckwheat Pillow should not be placed in the microwave. There is one case of a person using the microwave to heat his buckwheat bed pillow and it overheated causing a fire.

Do not get the buckwheat hulls wet, they will not dry. You can machine wash the removable bedding pillowcase. If the inner lining needs cleaning, unzip the case and remove the buckwheat hulls to a bucket or trash bag. Wash and dry the liner. Make sure it is completely dry before adding the hulls back to the bed pillow.

Properly cared for, a Makura Buckwheat Pillow will last a full decade. Buckwheat hulls do not crumble, but they do wear down as they rub against each other. If you notice the hulls wearing down, you can purchase new buckwheat hulls and refill it.

Makura Buckwheat Pillow Warranty Information

Makura Buckwheat Pillows come with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee. The company will refund your money if you try the pillow for a week or two and still do not feel it is helping you sleep better.

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