Medslant Pillow for Acid Reflux

The Medslant pillow is designed to alleviate acid reflux disease. However, there are many other conditions and situations where Medslant pillows help.

Medslant Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

The natural slope of a Medslant pillow uses the forces of gravity to keep stomach acid in the stomach. The slant also makes sure your head and chest are elevated throughout the night. This helps with numerous situations, diseases and conditions.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or GERD occurs when your stomach acid works its way into the esophagus causing damage to the delicate lining. This leads to esophageal cancer, ulcers, hoarse coughing and more. By sleeping on a slope, gravity keeps the stomach acid in the stomach. Medications help during the day and night, but the sloped bed pillow works effectively to ensure you don't wake in the night from heartburn or coughing.

Asthma and Congestion

When you have a cold, mucus runs from your sinuses into your throat. At night as you lay flat, the mucus stops traveling down into your stomach and clogs the throat. It makes breathing difficult.

Sleeping on a slant ensures the mucus does not stay in the throat. You'll breathe better and wake up more rested.

The same is true with asthma. Because you are elevated, air passages remain more open. You'll get a better night's sleep. Asthma that is triggered by allergens is eliminated because the Medslant Pillow comes with a machine washable, allergen free bedding pillow cover.

Benefits to Infants

On average, almost seven out of ten infants spit up milk while they sleep. The chances of an infant choking on formula or breast milk is increased if they are laid flat after a midnight feeding. Using a slanted bed pillow reduces this risk because gravity keeps the formula or breast milk in the stomach.

Congestive Heart Failure

Those diagnosed with congestive heart failure often suffer from breathing difficulties caused by a build up of fluid in the lungs or simply the flat sleeping position. Sleeping on a Medslant pillow keeps fluids traveling throughout the body. The pillow can be beneficial to these people.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Most cases of snoring are caused by congestion. Sleep apnea occurs when airflow to the lungs is restricted. Keeping your head, shoulders and chest elevated with a Medslant pillow helps lessen both snoring and the risk of sleep apnea.

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