Medslant Acid Reflux Foam Wedge Pillow

The benefits to a Medslant acid reflux foam wedge pillow are immeasurable. Acid reflux is painful and potentially scary when you think about the increased risk of esophageal cancer and ulcers.

Medslant Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Those diagnosed with acid reflux or gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), often find their problems exacerbated in the night when they are laying down. Stomach acid easily works its way through the top of the stomach and into the esophagus where it burns the delicate lining causing heartburn pain, severe coughing and a sore throat. Sleep is interrupted.

The key to controlling acid reflux in night involves sleeping in an elevated position on bed pillows so that gravity helps keep the stomach acid from escaping. For this reason, Medslant acid reflux foam wedge pillow is a beneficial tool.

Medslant's History

In 2000, the CEO of Medslant learned she had gastro-esophageal reflux disease and was told by her specialist to sleep on a wedge bedding pillow. She had no idea how hard it would be to find a pillow to suit her needs. She'd survived two forms of cancer and wasn't about to let GERD get her down, but she couldn't find a comfortable pillow that provided enough length, height and width to allow her to sleep through the night.

Thus, after calling a pillow designer, Adele Camens had the bedroom pillow she needed and a new company to boot!

Features of the Medslant Acid Reflux Foam Wedge Pillow

Any Medslant acid reflux foam wedge pillow is 32 inches long. This bedroom pillow is the longest slanted foam pillow on the market. It comfortably supports your neck, shoulders and torso. You can also use your own favorite pillow for additional comfort if desired. Sleep on your side or back without worrying about stomach acid rising into your throat at night.

The bedroom pillows come with machine washable mite-proof, anti-allergen covers. The pillow folds up into a travel bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The full dimensions of the Medslant acid reflux foam wedge pillow are:

  • 32 inches long
  • 24 inches wide
  • 7 inches high

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