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Dozens of memory foam body pillows are sold online and in retailers throughout the world. Learn about three popular brands before shopping for a memory foam body pillow.

Body Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

A bed pillow that runs the length of your body is great for support between the knees and around the shoulders. Side sleepers find the length creates a comfortable mold for them to snuggle up to for a full night's sleep. There are models for stomach and back sleepers too. Memory foam body pillows go one step farther by having a bed pillow material that molds to your body's shape and weight.

Sarah Peyton Wellness Memory Foam Body Pillow

Users give the Sarah Peyton Wellness memory foam body pillow four stars for comfort. The bedding pillow features feather-soft foam that molds to the curves of your body. The foam is also temperature sensitive preventing you from overheating in the summer or keeping you warm on bitter cold nights.

The hypo-allergenic foam resists dust mites, bacteria and mildew. At 50 inches long, the bed pillow is suitable for most men and women.

Contour Back Max Body Pillow

Contour's Back Max body pillow is a body pillow for back sleepers. The memory foam body pillow is angled at the bottom to match the natural curve of your knees. It also slopes at the top of the pillow to keep your head and torso elevated while allowing your hips to lie flat on the mattress.

This usual looking memory foam body pillow keeps back sleepers from snoring and also reduces strain on the hips by keeping the knees elevated.

Neck Solutions' Body Pillow

Neck Solutions sells the Body Pillow, a uniquely shaped memory foam body pillow that slants naturally to follow the slope of your thigh and elbow. The bedroom pillow comes in two sizes, small or large, to match your height.

The foam bed pillow is perfect for stomach and side sleepers. Those who prefer sleeping on their stomach can angle their body position using the pillow's slant to be on their stomach while still tucking up a knee and angling the torso to keep the spine properly aligned.

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