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Choosing the right memory foam contour pillow often seems difficult. With so many brands, price ranges and features, it can be hard to pick the pillow that best suits your particular needs. Learn about the features that are commonly found on these supportive bed pillows.

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How Do You Sleep

The position in which you sleep is important when choosing a memory foam contour pillow. Back sleepers need a bed pillow that cradles the back of their neck, offers enough head support and keeps their chin from tipping towards the chest.

When the chin leans towards the chest, the risk of sleep apnea and loud snoring increases. It's important to keep the chin straight up, parallel to the ceiling.

Side sleepers need the neck support, and even more of it. When your shoulder rests against the mattress, without proper support your head will tip toward the mattress due to gravity's pull. The side of the head is not even with the edge of a shoulder, so you need a supportive memory foam contour sleep pillow that realizes this difference.

Those who sleep on their side, need a bed pillow that is raised to keep the head high enough to prevent stiff neck issues. A thicker bedroom pillow helps.

Density of Your Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Memory foam contour pillows come in a variety of densities. They can include:

  • 2.5-pound
  • 3-pound
  • 4-pound
  • 5-pound

Each density rating relates to the amount of weight the pillow is meant to hold. In general, the higher the density rating, the thicker the memory foam contour pillow.

The 2.5-pound memory foam contour pillow is generally thin and less supportive than the much thicker 5-pound bed pillow. Those sleeping on their back usually enjoy the thinner pillows better than someone who sleeps on their side.

Consider the Bedroom Pillow's Cleaning Instructions

Memory foam contour pillows are not machine washable, they must be spot cleaned with special cleaning agents. It's important to look into the size of the pillow to see if you can use your current pillow cases for easier washing. Many of these bed pillows come with machine washable covers.

Most everyone drools or sweats when they sleep. Having a washable cover makes cleaning your pillow a breeze.

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