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Unlike many full body pillows, a microbead body pillow is inexpensive. With most of these long bed pillows priced at under $20, you save a bundle and end up getting an incredibly comfortable night's sleep.

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Body pillows often sell for more than $100. People want a supportive sleep pillow, but lack the money to buy what they think is best. With a microbead body pillow, your spine and wallet both benefit.

What are Microbeads

A microbead body pillow is stuffed with tiny foam beads that allow air to travel throughout the pillow. The air keeps the microbeads fluffed up, and also prevents your body from overheating when you hug the bedroom pillow at night.

Many find the microbeads provide a relaxing sound at night. As you settle in, the microbeads make a soft rustling noise that suits those who appreciate falling asleep to white noise. Others find the noise irritating, but after you've chosen your position, the beads stop shifting and no longer make any noise.

Construction of a Microbead Body Pillow

The 50-inch long microbead body pillow fits most torsos perfectly. The pillow is a 7-inch cylinder that molds to your body because the foam beads move and shift easily. Once you're settled, they stay in place until you move again. For those who often switch positions in the night, the body pillow is lightweight and moves easily allowing you to easily switch sides without having to move a bulky, heavy device.

Covered in spandex, microbead body pillows are durable. The spandex helps the pillow expand to your weight and then shrinks back into place when you get up for the day.

The spandex covering comes in a variety of bright colors, so you can personalize your bedroom pillow to fit your personality. Most stores carry the three standard colors: bright pink, lime green and purple.

Cleaning Your Microbead Body Pillow

You cannot wash a microbead body pillow. The spandex cover must be spot cleaned only. If you get the foam beads wet, mildew might grow. The foam beds are not dryer safe.

If you want to keep your microbead body pillow clean, consider purchasing a body pillow pillowcase and throwing that in the wash periodically

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