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A Microbead Therapy Massage Pillow keeps you cool while alleviating neck and back pain. Pressure points and improper spine alignment lead to aches and pains when you arise. The key to avoiding this pain is to sleep with a supportive bed pillow.

Microbead Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Microbead bed pillows are filled with millions of tiny foam beads that fluff naturally with the flow of air. Because they enhance air flow, the pillow stays cool throughout the night. Meanwhile, the beads conform to the outline of your head creating soft support.

Homedics Micropedic Therapy Massage Pillow

Homedics Micropedic Therapy Massage Pillow surrounds their patented CoolCore memory foam center with thousands of tiny microbeads. The microbead therapy massage pillow is larger than many microbead bed pillows (25 by 19 inches) making it a great choice for those who prefer queen or king sized pillows.

The microbead therapy massage pillow by Homedics comes with a brushed cotton cover that is easily removed and completely machine washable.

Pike Street Microbead Therapy Massage Pillow

Pike Street's microbead therapy massage pillow is a standard sized pillow (22 by 15 inches) that offers great neck and head support. The pillow's outer covering is made from flexible spandex, but it comes with a velour pillowcase that is machine washable. Because it is a standard size, you can also use your own pillowcases to match your bedroom décor.

It's a lightweight bed pillow that you can easily bring with you on car trips. Best of all, it is priced to fit most budgets.

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

Based on the principles behind a buckwheat hull pillow, Sobakawa created the microbead therapy massage pillow. Some people just don't like the noise of buckwheat hull pillow but enjoyed the air flow and ability of the pillow to conform to the shape of their head. These bedroom pillows contain more than 20 million microbeads that adapt to your body weight and movements.

Their microbead therapy massage pillows use an ergonomic crescent design that is lower in the center where your head lays and higher on the edges for proper neck support.

These bedroom pillows are not machine washable, but they do come with a protective machine washable pillowcase. The pillowcase matches the pillow's design creating a perfect fit.

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