Miracle Back Pillow - Reduces Back Pain

The heart-shaped Miracle back pillow aids stomach sleepers in maintaining a proper spine position. Designed by medical professionals, the pillow helps alleviate pressure on the pelvis and lumbar region.

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When you sleep on your stomach, the weight of your hips and buttocks pushes your pelvis into the mattress. This causes your spine to then be at an awkward angle and your back will start hurting.

Normal bed pillows may help lift your pelvis up, but the width of the pillow usually causes your hips to rise too high leading to hip strain.

How a Miracle Back Pillow Works

The heart-shaped pillow has a hollow center. Your chest lays on the widest edge of the pillow holding that section of the spine up. You then align your hips with the pointed end that supports the spine without digging into the hip bones.

The hollow center allows your abdomen to hang naturally against the mattress. There is no more stress on your upper or lower back and you'll sleep more comfortably than you ever have.

Miracle Back Pillows During Pregnancy

Stomach sleepers often struggle to find a comfortable position during pregnancy. In the second trimester, as your baby grows, you can still sleep on your stomach using the patented Miracle back pillow. The gap in the pillow is wide enough for a slightly bulging abdomen.

In this stage, morning sickness is usually over and you'll need to get all the sleep you can before your infant is born. Most pregnant women find sleeping longer in the second trimester helps them be at their best in the third trimester and after birth.

Features of the Miracle Back Pillow

The Miracle back pillow is made from polyurethane foam and covered with fleece. The dense foam is supportive without being too firm. Plus, it retains its shape well and forms to your body.

The bed pillow is lightweight. Bring it with you when you travel or use it on the living room floor while reading a book.

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