Cervical Neck Roll Pillow - Contour Neck Pillows

Neck roll pillows provide comforting support of the neck. However, these handy cervical pillows offer many other uses. You'll quickly find these bed pillows become a favorite cushion for reading, sleeping, traveling and even watching TV.

Neck Rolls - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

No matter how you sleep at night, a neck roll pillow delivers the support you need. Whether you sleep on your back or curl up on your side, the bed pillow is going to become your favorite sleep tool.

Neck Roll Pillows Help Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is common among children and adults. When you sleep on your stomach, your neck is often higher than your back vertebrae unless you are very careful about your bedroom pillow choice. The bigger issue involves your lower back. Your hips and thighs are usually heavier than your lower back, so your lumbar region is pulled into the mattress causing lower back pain.

To prevent lumbar pain, experts recommend tucking a cylindrical bed pillow under your abdomen to provide support to the lower back. Traditional bed pillows are bulky and awkward to sleep on, but a neck roll pillow is small enough to give the support you need while remaining comfortable.

Back Sleeping and Snoring Hassles

When you sleep on your back, it's common for the chin to tip towards the chest. This restricts your airways leading to loud snoring. If you share your bed, your snoring is certain to aggravate your partner because they're unable to sleep. If they shake you awake, they have limited time to get back to sleep before you start in again.

A neck roll pillow helps support the back of the neck and restricts your head from tipping forward towards your chest. Your snoring is minimized and everyone in your home happily sleeps through the night.

In addition, neck roll pillows lift the knees off the mattress helping to straighten your spine while you sleep. Keeping your knees elevated is the best way to sleep comfortably on your back.

Neck Roll Pillows Comfort Side Sleepers

Most experts agree that side sleeping is best. Your airways are maximized and your spine gets the best possible support. If you fail to support your neck properly, however, you may end up with a stiff neck come morning.

A neck roll pillow helps support the natural curve of your neck. You can also tuck a neck roll pillow between your thighs to eliminate pressure points on the knees and ankles.

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