Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow - Cervical Neck Roll Pillows

Memory foam neck pillows provide outstanding support and comfort. To make the most of your pillow, you should carefully consider the different styles and pick the one that best matches your needs.

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Choose Your Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Sleep Position

The way you sleep is important in determining the best memory foam neck pillow. Those who sleep on their back need firm neck support that also keeps the head tipped back so that the chin is not resting near the chest. This restricts airflow and often leads to snoring.

Side sleepers need neck support, but also need a softer pillow that molds to their ear. If a pillow is too firm, pressure on the ear can cut off circulation leading to pain and discomfort until blood flow resumes.

Stomach sleepers usually require little neck support, but they do need a supportive bed pillow to keep the lumbar region from sinking into the mattress causing lower back pain. Cylindrical neck pillows usually work well in this case.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Your Bed

A standard sized memory foam neck pillow includes raised edges that support your neck while the concave center cradles your head. These pillows are the size and general shape of a traditional bedroom pillow, they'll even fit in most pillowcases, but their comfort and support go beyond most pillows.

U-Shaped Memory Foam Neck Pillows for Traveling

Travel neck pillows are shaped like the letter “U” and fit into your carry on bag or a suitcase. The memory foam neck pillows wrap around your neck providing support to your head and neck when you must sleep sitting up.

They're essential pillows if you take frequent trips on a plane, bus or train. You can sleep in the tight quarters without having your head flopping to the side. You'll never wake up with another stiff neck.

Cylindrical Shaped Memory Foam Neck Pillows

Cylindrical memory foam neck pillows support your neck but are also useful in other situations. Because they are shaped like a long tube, they create great support when tucked under the knees or when placed in the small of your back.

Most back and stomach sleepers will find the cylindrical memory foam neck pillows to be useful lumbar and cervical pillows.

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