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When shopping for a pregnancy sleep pillow, it's important to realize not every pillow is a perfect fit. Every woman's body is unique. Some develop a large stomach in the second trimester, while others fail to show until the last couple of months. Every pregnancy pillow on the market has its own measurements and features.

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How Long is Your Torso

Many pregnant women purchase a pregnancy sleep pillow only to find it is too short or too long. Some pregnancy pillows run virtually the length of the mattress. If a woman shifts in the middle of the night from one side to the other, a large pillow will require some shifting to get comfortable again. Because of the bulk of these longer pillows, it can be a struggle in the middle of the night. Especially if you are trying to move without waking your significant other.

Those with short torsos will find smaller pillows like the Pregnancy Boppy Pillow are suitable to their shorter stature. Long pillows like the Snoogle might be a little overkill.

Taller women may find pregnancy pillows like the Boppy are simply too short. While the pillow supports the stomach, the length isn't enough to fit between the woman's thighs. Make sure you get measurements before choosing your maternity bed pillow.

Consider Your Favored Sleep Position

Women who prefer sleeping on their side will find many pregnancy pillows are easy to use. Back sleepers will require a little more time to get used to the pillow and require a pillow that prevents them from flipping back over. The Today's Mom Pregnancy Pillow does keep you on your side because one length supports your belly while the rest cradles your back.

Weather, Temperature and Pregnancy

Those who are pregnant in the winter generally benefit because rooms are cooler due to the chilly weather conditions. In the last few months of pregnancy, many women find it easy to overheat. Increased blood flow boosts your body temperature. A thick pillow often becomes miserably hot and makes you want to push it away.

Today's Mom makes a CoolMax Pregnancy Pillow that allows air to breathe and keeps you cooler than other polyester fiberfill pillows. Often, choosing a temperature sensitive pillow is beneficial.

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