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Sleeping on a normal pillow causes wrinkles and fine lines, but a Save My Face pillow eliminates this problem. As you sleep, the pressure of your face against a pillow puts creases in your skin. Over time, those creases cause the wrinkles and fine lines that plague people as they age. In addition, the pressure of the pillow against your eye helps increase the puffiness that you develop under your eyes during the night.

Save My Face Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Other problems with regular bed pillows involves pimples. As many sleep, they drool. The bacteria-ridden drool gets into your pores leading to pimples. Allergens in the pillow cause additional problems like red, watery eyes. A Save My Face pillow ends all of those problems.

The Design of the Save My Face Pillow

Designed for those who sleep either on their left or right, the Save My Face wrinkle prevention pillow looks similar to a wrench. Rest your neck on the straight center and then the C-shaped end cradles your head without touching your face. If you sleep on your back, fold the pillow in half for excellent neck support.

Because the design holds your neck straight, your airflow is improved reducing snoring and helping to alleviate sleep apnea.

Comes in Two Sizes

The Le Grand is a large pillow with plenty of space for your face. It's larger for those who tend to sleep towards the edge of their bedroom pillow. The Le Grand is used in place of your usual bedroom pillow.

The La Petite Pillowette is small and meant to placed on your favored bed pillow. Many people buy both pillows and then sleep with one and use the other while lounging on the sofa or while traveling.

Cover Materials

The covers on the Save My Face pillow come in a few choices:

  • Bamboo: The hypoallergenic bamboo cover offers antiseptic properties.
  • Cotton: The standard cotton cover offers 200 or 400 thread count and comes in a creamy white color.
  • Patented Sea Tiva: Sea Tiva is a mix of cotton and anti-inflammatory kelp.
  • Silky Satin: The satin cover feels cool and smooth against your skin.

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