Side Sleeper Pillow - Pillows for Sleeping on Your Side

Side sleeper pillows aid you in getting a restful night's sleep. Side sleeping is generally considered the best way to sleep, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Side sleeping keeps your airways open, preventing snoring, keeps pressure off the main artery in your back and is the best position for a straight spine. However, it also creates pressure points on your hips and knees if you lack the proper support.

Side Sleeper Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Support Offered by Side Sleeper Pillows

Side sleepers generally wake in the wee hours feeling pressure in their hips and knees. The pressure of the knees pushed together causes pain and also causes the alignment of the hips and spine to curve causing lower back pain.

With a side sleeper pillow, you can place a portion of the bed pillow between your needs. This separates the legs causing the bones to lie straight in the hip socket. This helps alleviate pressure on the spine and hip joints. You'll sleep better and wake refreshed and not with kinks that you must stretch out.

Using a Side Sleeper Pillow for Comfort

Many men and women feel comforted by having someone pressed up against them as they sleep. If this describes you, a side sleeper pillow should be a comforting device. The pillow molds against your body allowing you to spoon it for comfort and warmth.

Your significant other, especially if you happen to have someone who likes their space while they sleep, will love seeing you happy without having to worry about waking up to find your arm or leg pinning them to the mattress.

Choosing the Perfect Body Pillow

When choosing a side sleeper pillow, the size and material is of key concern. Memory foam bed pillows mold to your body taking stress off joints. However, memory foam is not machine washable. If you prefer a body bedroom pillow that you can wash periodically, down body pillows are often better choices.

Other options include microbeads or polyester fill. Microbeads remain cool, even on a hot summer's day, but cannot be washed. Poly-fill often loses its shape within a few months and becomes uncomfortable if you do not regularly fluff your pillows.

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