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The Snoogle Maternity Pregnancy Pillow helps you get a good night's sleep. Because the extra-long pillow provides head to toe support, you can toss aside your collection of pillows and sleep comfortably with the one oversized pillow.

Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Curl the Snoogle Maternity Pregnancy Pillow around your head. Wrap it around your belly and then between the knees for great spine support. Alternatively, line your spinal column with the pillow, bring it through the knees and then use the remaining end to support your belly as you sleep.

Three Snoogle Maternity Pregnancy Pillow Models

The Snoogle Original Maternity Pregnancy Pillow comes with a polyester-cotton cover that is machine washable. If you dislike the feel of polyester, the Snoogle Deluxe pregnancy pillow is a better option. You cannot machine wash your Snoogle bed pillow, so make sure you are comfortable with spot cleaning. Allow your pillow to dry before placing the cover back on.

If you dislike having to remove and replace washable covers, the Snoogle Basic Maternity Pregnancy Pillow comes with a solid polyester-cotton cover that must be spot cleaned only.

Features of the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

A Snoogle Maternity Pregnancy Pillow is 24.5 inches long and 18 inches wide. Those who like flat pillows under their head and neck may have issues with the pillow's 7 inch height. It's very substantial. If you find the height problematic, curl the pillow away from your head and go back to using your own pillow.

Leachco does sell replacement Snoogle bedding pillow covers. Purchase extras so that you can continue to use your pillow while one is in the wash.

Post-Pregnancy Usage

Even after you have your baby, the Snoogle Maternity Pregnancy Pillow still comes in handy. You can curl it around your back for support while nursing your baby, take one end and use it to help hold your baby in place while you nurse.

Curl the pillow around you and your nursing baby as you lay down together. The pillow cradles your baby and provides you with great neck and spine support.

Those who had a C-section find the pregnancy pillow is of great use for supporting your healing abdominal muscles.

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