Snoozer Full Body Pillow - Pregnancy Body Pillows

Benefits to Snoozer full body pillows are immense. The body pillows reduce aches and pains, improve blood flow and provide comfort during the night. If you have trouble sleeping, these full length bed pillows are incredible.

Snoozer Body Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Snoozer full body pillows come with a sateen pillow case that is specially designed to fit the oversized bedroom pillow. The bedroom pillows benefit anyone, including the elderly, athletes, pregnant women and children.

Health Benefits to a Snoozer Full Body Pillow

The curved Snoozer full body pillow extends the length of your body. Place your head and neck on the upper curve for proper neck support and then allow the remaining length to support your spine, hips and knees. This eliminates back pain.

Studies find that those who sleep on their sides are less likely to wake their partner with loud snores. Because the long bedroom pillow fits the length of your body, it's easier to sleep spooned against it. You remain on your side for the entire night and wake fully refreshed.

Sleeping on your side often leads to suppressed blood flow because your knees press tightly together. Improve blood flow by separating the legs naturally with the soft Snoozer full body pillow.

People with arthritis find the full-length bed pillow helps relieve pressure on their aching joints during the night.

A Snoozer Full Body Pillow Meets Your Needs

Some body pillows are hard to choose because while the shape and style are right, the fill is all wrong. Snoozer full body pillows come in a selection of filling choices.

  • Natural European white goose down
  • Patented Comforel
  • Poly-fill

The prices vary depending on the fill you prefer. Natural goose down full bed pillows are pricy, but well worth the extra cost if you love the airflow goose down offers. You're kept warm on bitter winter nights and cool during summer's humidity.

Children can sleep with their own Snoozer full body pillow too. A shorter version of the pillow is available in synthetic down. It's great for kids and shorter adults.

All Snoozer full body pillows are hypoallergenic.

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