Snore No More Pillow by Science of Sleep - Reduce Snoring

Science of Sleep's Snore No More pillow uses an ergonomic design to improve your sleeping position. Many cases of snoring are caused by incorrect positioning of the neck causing airways to be partially obstructed. With a Snore No More pillow, you'll sleep through the night without having your loud snoring waking you and your partner up.

Snore No More Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Designed by a doctor, the Snore No More pillow is medically proven to reduce snoring. In mild cases, the snoring is eliminated completely. You'll find it in many online stores and medical supply retailers.

Design of the Snore No More Pillow

The Snore No More bedroom pillow's ergonomic design incorporates a gap for where your shoulder nestles comfortably. A raised portion supports the curve of your neck and then dips again for your head. Because the bed pillow supports your neck and head evenly, your spine and neck are held in place allowing your airway to remain open throughout the night.

Side and back sleepers both benefit from the Snore No More pillow. The pillow aptly works to keep your chin even so that compression of your neck and airway never occurs.

The dimensions of the bedroom pillow are 5”H x 21”W x 15”D. It's a small pillow that benefits the user in many ways.

People with Allergies Will Love the Bed Pillow

Using hypo-allergenic foam, the Snore No More pillow suits those with sensitivities to fiber or goose down. The foam cushions retains its shape extremely well, even after months of use.

The Snore No More pillow may lose shape if you wash it, so make sure you use a pillow case to keep it protected and then wash the pillow case as desired.

Other Tips for Reducing Snoring

Drinking alcohol before bed is known to cause snoring. The alcohol fully relaxes the muscles of the throat allowing the air passageways to become smaller. This will lead to snoring.

If you do enjoy a nightcap, make it a small one and try to have it at least an hour before you go to bed for the night.

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