Therapeutic Pillow - Neck and Spinal Pillows

A therapeutic pillow must provide exceptional neck and head support. Choosing the pillow that best fits your needs is difficult because there are many different styles ranging from memory foam to water filled to sleep magnet pillows for your health.

Memory Foam Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Learn more about the different types of therapeutic pillows. Discover how you keep them clean, their average life span and if they will match your expectations.

Memory Foam Therapeutic Pillows

Memory foam therapeutic pillows mold to the curves of your neck and head providing the ultimate in support and comfort. They come in a variety of densities usually ranging from 2.5- to 5-pounds. The higher the density, the thicker the bed pillow. Memory foam lasts years, many pillows come with warranties topping five years.

User reviews of the Obus Forme Ultra Foam Deluxe Therapeutic Pillow are positive. People love that they use a memory foam that wicks away heat from your head. They also love how supportive the pillow is, even after months of heavy use.

Look for memory foam therapeutic pillows that are temperature sensitive to prevent waking up to the feeling of a sweaty head. This is beneficial to those prone to night sweats or hot flashes. Memory foam pillows are not machine washable.

Sleep Magnet Pillows

Sleep magnet therapeutic pillows improve circulation by incorporating medical magnets within the pillow's filling. Experts find that the use of magnets helps improve circulation throughout the body. Improved circulation helps bring oxygen to the organs and muscles, which helps reduces inflammation to people with arthritis and other inflammatory ailments. It's also believed that magnets can help the brain with serotonin production helping to relieve anxiety and depression while improving sleep.

The Dreamzzz sleep magnet therapeutic pillow offers sleep magnets hidden in memory foam cores. The memory foam cores are then surrounded by polyester fiberfill or goose down. You can buy these bed pillows in soft or medium densities. Keep your pillow covered because it is not machine washable, but your pillow will last years.

Water Filled Bed Pillows

MediFlow sells a water filled therapeutic bed pillow. Fill the pillow's core with water and then enjoy the feel of sleeping on what is virtually a water bed for your neck and head. The water-fill core supports your head and neck perfectly because water readily moves with your head's movement.

You control the density of your bed pillow by increasing or decreasing the amount of water added to the pillow. Plus, the water remains room temperature so that your head remains cool. Drain out all water and air before tossing your water filled bed pillow in your washing machine with cold or warm water only. Do not machine dry.

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