Therapy Pillows - HoMedics Micro Bead Pillow

When shopping for a therapy pillow, everyone has their own preference. Today there are bed pillows with magnets, micropedic beads and even aromatherapy options. Discover the pillow options available both online and in stores. See which pillow is right for you.

Magnetic Therapy Pillow

The use of magnets to aid circulation is not a new trend. People with arthritis and gout find that improved circulation helps alleviate their painful conditions.

Experts feel that magnets help heighten the flow of blood throughout the body. Therefore, magnetic therapy pillows were created. The magnets are nestled in a memory foam core that is then surrounded by polyester fiberfill or goose down for ultimate comfort.

Micropedic Therapy Pillow

Microbeads used in therapy pillows provide great support of the neck and head. If you wake frequently with a stiff neck or headaches, you may find a micropedic therapy pillow to be extremely helpful.

Because microbeads shift with your movement, air flows regularly preventing your head from feeling hot and sweaty. In addition, the lightweight filling helps blood flow normally through your neck alleviating that feeling many get when circulation is cut off to their ears when sleeping on their side.

Salt Therapy Pillow

Salt therapy pillows are used in many spas and rehab centers. The salt filled pillows are heated in the oven or placed in the refrigerator and then placed on sore muscles of the back, neck or shoulders.

While salt therapy pillows are not meant for sleeping, many people find placing the warm pillow on their sore muscles as they go to bed helps soothe them into a deep sleep. If you deal with severe menstrual cramps, placing a warm salt-filled pillow on your abdomen helps relieve the pain.

Water Therapy Pillows

Water pillows are filled with water and air to provide neck and head support that you easily customize to meet your ideal pillow thickness. The water cushions your head without feeling too hard or too soft because you choose how the pillow feels.

Water therapy pillows help with hot flashes and night sweats, as well as alleviating neck pain.

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