Tri Core Orthpedic Pillow - Cervical and Neck Support Pillows

Tri Core Pillows support your neck through three unique functions. The bed pillow is geared towards side sleeping and back sleeping. It's firm and supportive, but some will require time to adjust to the feel of the pillow. It's meant to hold your neck in place as you sleep, so if you like to change positions as you sleep, you'll need to adjust to the pillow's style.

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What is a Tri Core Pillow

Tri Core Pillow's unique shape stands out. Unlike traditional bed pillows that are a long, fluffy rectangle, the Tri Core pillow sinks in the center and is raised on each edge. The raised edges support your neck and the hollower center cradles your head keeping it even to your shoulders. This design helps alleviate neck strain caused by stretched muscles and pressure on the nerve endings.

All Tri Core bed pillows are covered in an anti-microbial material. This prevents mold spores from getting into the pillow.

Health and Wellness Benefits from a Tri Core Pillow

There are three immediate benefits to the Tri Core Pillow. They include:

  • Reduces snoring
  • Reduction of pressure on nerves in the neck
  • Vertebrae support in the neck

If you or your loved ones wake up because you are snoring, the Tri Core bed pillow is going to help. Because the pillow holds your neck correctly, your airways are held open throughout the night. As most snoring is a direct result of obstructed air passages, the snoring is reduced, if not eliminated.

In addition to these immediate benefits, Tri Core bed pillows are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Those who often suffer from allergens within traditional pillows will enjoy the allergen-free properties.

Suits Side and Back Sleepers

The Tri Core Pillow is not meant for those who sleep on their stomach. It does suit side and back sleepers with the ample neck support and sunken area where the head rests.

You may need to try different pillow placements in the first couple of days. Side sleepers generally need to lay their head more towards the edge, while back sleepers will want to be centered on the pillow.

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