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When shopping for a white goose down pillow, you must understand certain terminology. Every feather bedroom pillow on the market differs. The type of fill, covering and design make a big difference in the comfort and longevity.

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Learn about Fill Power

Every white goose down pillow includes fill. Fill is the term for the feathers and down stuffed into the pillow. Fill power determines the down's quality. Higher numbers indicate large clumps of down that have more resiliency. Pillows with high fill numbers will last longer and retain their shape better.

White goose down pillows with a higher number usually last longer, but they also cost more. Inexpensive down bedding pillows usually use lower fill numbers and do not last as long because the feathers break down quickly.

Look for Machine Washable Bedroom Pillows

When purchasing white goose down pillows, always choose pillows that are machine washable. If you sweat or drool in your sleep, your bed pillow will develop odors. Being able to wash your down bed pillow is important.

Check the Pillow Cover's Weave

One of the biggest problems with white goose down pillows is that the down leaks out through seams or small holes in the fabric cover. Choose a pillow with a tight weave and solid seams to prevent this problem.

Pacific Coast Down Company covers their white goose down pillows in their patented BarrierWeave fabric. It is a soft, hypo-allergenic cover that keeps down where it belongs inside the pillow. Another benefit to their pillows is the Pillow-in-Pillow design that puts a soft pillow of down in the center and then surrounds that pillow with more goose down and the larger outer pillow.

Thread Counts

All bedding, including bedding pillow cases, contains a thread count. This count tells you how many cotton threads were used to create one inch of fabric. The higher the number, the softer the material.

Most of the time, people feel thread counts don't matter on their bedroom pillow covering because they cover the white goose down pillow with an additional pillowcase. However, higher thread counts will last longer, especially if you machine wash your pillow frequently, so it's important to keep thread count in mind.

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