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Beautifully woven Bates bedspreads have graced American bedrooms for more than a century. Familiar to many as the "George Washington" bed spreads, Bates bed covers have been long-prized additions to hope chests and linen closets and are popular throughout the world for their distinctive fabrics and designs.

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Most recognizable of the Bates bed spreads is the George Washington, often produced in white cotton, with an intricate tufted jacquard design covering the entire spread, and often with inch or two fringe on three sides.

History: Founded in Lewiston, Maine in 1850, The Bates of Maine Company grew over the next hundred years to become a worldwide leader in textile manufacturing, employing more than 6,500 people throughout the Civil War and both World Wars.

By the 1950s, Bates had become the largest woven Jacquard bedspread manufacturer in the world. Towards the late 1900s, overseas competition hampered the company's production of bedspreads, and the traditional American bedspreads became difficult to find.

In 2002, Bates of Maine was purchased and remained Maine Heritage Weavers, producing two designs, First Lady and Heirloom


New and gently used George Washington-style bedspreads are still available, and your best chance of locating one is likely on the internet through an online auction or vintage bedding retailer. Many manufactures produce Bates look-alikes also, so if you have your heart set on a traditional Bates-style bed spread, don't get discouraged, they're out there!



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