Acrylic Mink Blanket and Throw

Acrylic blankets and throws are soft to the touch, machine washable, hypoallergenic and typically less expensive than their natural fiber counterpart, wool.

Acrylic Throw - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

A popular choice for household bedding, acrylic blankets offer a good value along with wool-like softness, durability and warmth. Acrylic yarns have the run of the palette, so color choices for your blanket or throw are limitless - an easy fit into any home's décor.

Acrylic is a strong synthetic fiber and is often combined with other synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester to create blends which may have more elasticity and even fire resistance. However, acrylic yarns, like most synthetics, do not have the "breathability" found in cotton or wool products.

Acrylic blankets come in every size to fit any bed or accent any furniture, and most blanket manufacturers will offer a wide range of acrylic blankets from which to select the perfect one for your home. Mexican blankets often include acrylic fibers blended with the traditional cotton.

Fleece is a favored blanket material made from acrylic fibers. Most faux furs, including the popular Korean mink blankets , and other plush-to-the-touch blankets are also fabricated from predominately acrylic blends.

Does your blanket contain acrylic? Check the label in any language:


English: acrylic
French: acrylique
German: acryl
Italian: acrilico
Spanish: fibra acrilica
Swedish: akryl



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