Faux Fur Throws - Mink Throw Blanket

Faux fur blankets are so soft you'll feel like purring! Get in touch with your wild side and surround yourself with acrylic faux fur blankets that will transform your living room into a petting zoo.

Throws - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Faux fur blankets come in a variety of species - curl up in a cow throw or snuggle under bunny blanket. Let these good-natured foes hide in plain sight all over your house. Give a friend a faux - especially if pets aren't allowed in her building!

Choose from African animal prints including tiger, leopard, panther and more. If your taste leans toward North American animals, consider a black mink faux throw, or red fox, chinchilla, or even faux beaver blanket to accent your home's interior or lodge décor.

Can't decide on one animal motif? Then don't! Choose a reversible throw in faux zebra on one side, elegant faux mink on the other - versatile and warm and a snuggle magnet!

Serious faux fur blankets may cost two or three times as much as a fun faux fur, and the quality may run the gamut as well. Decide how you wish to use faux fur blanket before purchasing one. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a leopard throw intended to protect the sofa from your real kitty's shedding!

High-quality faux fur blankets may contain luxury fibers and accented with features in the animal theme - for example, they might be bound with real or synthetic leather or suede.

Faux Fur Throw

Many mid-range faux fur blankets will still have that plush touch of animal fur, but aren't as concerned with an exact match to their live models - a hot pink leopard fur is a sure giveaway that fashion trumped authenticity in that collection!

You won't have any difficulty locating just the right faux fur blanket or throw online - it's a jungle out there!



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