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They are not just towel bars, they are decorator bathroom accessories. They don't just hold your towel, they have to look good, and some even heat your towel. The towel bar has come a long way.

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Bathroom towel bars are no longer an afterthought in your bathroom. They are now an integral part of the design and decoration of the room.

They are also made from many more materials then they use to, from chrome and brass to stainless and gold. The fact is that bathroom towel bars are no longer "one size fits all."  They are as unique as the owner of the home that they are in. Some are even custom made to go with a decorating theme or motif. Well, towel bar shopper, you're not in Kansas anymore.

Towel Bars

Heated towel bars are the ultimate in luxury. It is a chic way to add warmth to a chilly bathroom during the winter, plus it makes your towels warm and toasty so you can shake off that cold rush of air when you step out of the shower. It is an appliance that serves two purposes quite nicely.

The good news is that the cost of heated towel bars has come down significantly. Now the average home owner or apartment dweller can enjoy the warm fluffy bath towels that were only available in expensive hotels or spas. But if you still think that the prices are a bit steep for a bathroom accessory, consider all that they do. They can gracefully supplement your current heating system while saving you money on your electricity bill.  Most heated towel bars only use as much electricity as a regular light bulb. This graceful appliance will single-handedly give a bathroom style and last for generations.


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