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Shopping for bath towels can be confusing to say the least. They have become more than a necessity, they are now a fashion statement.

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When you know what you are looking for, shopping for bath towels can be a fun and uncomplicated task. Take a good long look at your bathroom. What color are the walls?  What color are the sink, toilet and tub?

If there is already a shower curtain and window curtains, what color are they?  Going to the store with a solid image in your mind will help immensely when it comes to narrowing down the vast selection in the bed and bath department of any store. If you have a game plan, you will leave with the perfect bath towels for you.

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The first thing you will want to think about is color . Luxurious white fluffy towels give your bathroom a spa feel. White or beige are practical choices because they tend to go with any other colors you have going in your bathroom. Additionally, white and beige bath towels won't fade like darker colored towels like navy blue or chocolate brown. Pastels are also excellent choices for color fastness. Light green, pink and blue tend to hold their colors through many washings .

Like most people, you probably wonder through the piles of towels on display, feeling each one to find the softest. However, you can't judge the quality of a bath towel by its softness. Manufacturers often add a fabric softener to create a silky feel. The same fabric softener that makes the towel feel so nice, also lessons its absorbency. The better indicator is the towel's weight.

Choosing the fabric is the easy part. There is cotton, cotton or cotton!  The key is in the type of cotton. Longer-staple cottons are stronger and softer than shorter-staple varieties.  An indicator of high quality cotton is the term "combed."  And when it comes to performance, look for the towel with the most loops per square inch if you want good absorbency.

Bath towels are usually sold in ensembles. Most people use a bath towel, a hand towel and a face cloth. Smaller towels called fingertip towels are usually placed in powder rooms or guest bathrooms. Most department stores have a well stocked bed and bath department. There are even entire stores dedicated to bed and bath products. If you are looking for discount bath towels, check out your local discount home goods store. You will find that they discount their towels as much as 75%. These discount stores will save you a bundle, but you may have to dig to find complete sets.

Keep your towels looking new by washing them separately. Use warm, not hot, water and don't over dry. To remove soil, use color -safe bleach. And stay away from fabric softeners. Take good care of your bath towels and they will serve you well for years to come.

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