Beach Towels - An Oversized Beach Towel for a Kid

Beach towels are not only a hip and stylish way to dry off at the beach; they are a travel necessity.

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Somewhere down the line, beach towels have evolved into the quintessential travel aSccessory. Luckily there are beach towels to fit every budget.  High-end designer beach towels can cost over $100, while discount department stores sell them for under $10.  Department stores even give them away as a gift with purchase. No money in your budget for a beach towel?  Then consider rescuing an abandoned beach towel. Gently used towels are inadvertently left behind at the beach or town pools every day. Check the lost and found at the end of the season for the best selection!

When selecting your travel beach towel you should look for a couple things. You will want it to be big - at least 60 inches long or 170 centimeters . Beach towels vary greatly in size, so look for one that fits your body and your needs. A heavy weight towel is more absorbent, but a lightweight one will take up less room in your luggage. A nice touch is a monogram. Monogrammed beach towels add a bit of class to your beach ensemble. The monogram will also help you to find your towel on a crowded beach.

Beach Towel

What's so great about beach towels?

The Beach - When at the beach, the bigger the towel the better. No one wants to come out of the ocean and lay on their towel, only to find that half of their body is hanging off the towel and in the sand. It is fine to have your feet and some of your legs on the sand, but you don't want to look like a sugar donut. Some companies even make beach towels large enough for two. This way you can invite that attractive sun bather next to you, with the too small towel, to share your towel!

Walking to the pool or shower - What could be easier then wrapping a big beach towel around you to walk to the pool or the shower. Many bed and breakfasts in the US and abroad still have communal bathrooms at the end of the hall. A big towel will assure that no one gets to know you any better than you want them too.

Great souvenirs - Looking for a practical and inexpensive souvenir of your trip?   A beach towel is just the ticket. Not only will you use it for years to come, but it will be a fun reminder of this vacation.

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