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Not much feels better than being wrapped in a soft, fluffy hooded towel when you step out of the bath. For many it is a feel good memory from childhood. Why not make one yourself for your children or even yourself?

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It is easier than easy to make luxurious hooded towels. Just follow a few simple steps below, and you will have one for this evening's soak.

However, there are also plenty to be found, pre-made, at department stores, bed and bath stores or children's specialty shops. You can also find a terrific selection of hooded towels at competitive prices online.  Some even have whimsical animal and faces embroidered on the hood. What fun!

Hooded Towel

Design your own hooded towels:

Even a child can make this easy and fun hooded towel. And in about an hour you will be ready to head to the pool, beach or jump into the tub. You will need a sewing machine (unless you are ambitious enough to take out the needle and thread), one large Turkish bath towel (I'm talking big, no hand towels !), two washcloths, thread and pins.

First you will need to form the hood. You do this by pinning the tow washcloths together on two sides, forming an "L."  Machine stitch approximately ½" from the edge. You will want to backstitch at the ends for reinforcement. These hooded towels get a lot of use.

Next you will need to find the center of the long side of the bath towel and mark it with a sewing marking pen. With the right sides together, align the stitched seam of the hood with the center of the towel and pin it in place along the edge. Now you are ready to stitch the hood onto the towel. Again use a ½" allowance. Backstitch at the ends.

Believe it or not, you are done!  It was that simple. Your custom designed hooded towel is ready to be used. A kid's hooded towel is a perfect accessory for the pool or the beach. A baby's hooded towel is the best way to get your little one out of the bath. And a big hooded towel may be just what you need on those chilly mornings when you step out of the shower. The truth is that a soft, warm hooded towel is for everyone.

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