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Kitchen towels are not just useful, they are trendy kitchen accents. New towels and old are being proudly displayed in kitchens to add a splash of color or a bit of nostalgia.

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Kitchen towels are not just for drying dishes anymore. They have graduated to the status of fashionable home goods accent. They come in every color , pattern and design imaginable. Even old kitchen towels are making a fabulous comeback. Although they are not called "old" they are called "vintage kitchen towels."  Truly one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Regardless of what style of kitchen towels you have in your home, you will be surprised at some of the fun new uses for them. I am talking about real ingenuity. Unique uses above and beyond the popular and well loved golf towels or bowling towels :

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Fun things to do with kitchen towels:

Kitchen curtains - Vintage kitchen towels make particularly attractive kitchen valances. The best part is that they can be "no sew."  Simply drape kitchen towels over a curtain rod using as many as you need to go the length across the top of the window. For a little interest, drape the kitchen towels on a diagonal so that the bottom of the valance is all points. These curtains also look charming on a window in a bathroom or a laundry room.

Napkins and placemats - kitchen towels can also do double or even triple duty as napkins or placemats. As napkins they are larger than the average cloth napkin and cover laps quite well. As a placemat they are large enough to hold your plate, utensils and glasses. Many traditional placemats don't offer the room.

Shoe bag - kitchen towels make great shoe bags for the beach or the gym. Simply place two towels right sides together. Stitch along three sides. Hem the top and add a draw string. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Apron - you can design your own custom apron, with pockets, with just two kitchen towels and some wide ribbon. Place one kitchen towel horizontally, and then place the other vertically so that the bottom of the towel extends approximately seven inches onto the first towel which is centered . Stitch together on the bottom edge of the vertical towel and up each side up to where the towels no longer overlap. Then turn over and stitch three columns in the area where the towels overlap to create pockets. Add ribbons for a neck loop and on the sides for ties. It's that simple.

Gift wrap - The only thing better than homemade gifts of cookies or breads than to have them wrapped up in a decorative kitchen towel and tied with ribbon.

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